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Apple TV App Coming to Android TV, Select Sony TVs to Get It First

Apple TV app is making a way to Android for the first time. Sony has announced for the time being the app will begin in the United States to the company’s new x900 h series of 4K HDR TV with the software update. This may be put several efforts to sideload the app on other android devices Such as Google Chromecast or more.

The application of Apple TV is only limited to Apple devices. But now Non-Apple devices and television can stream to Apple TV plus app. Apple has started with TVs from Sony, or it has come to other brands soon. Right now, the app is not available for all Android users. Only Sony TV users will get the update of its first. Once the user is updated on the software, the Apple TV app is available to use or allows users to watch the fresh content. It’s not feasible to download the Apple TV app on any Android device or TV.

Apple TV streaming service includes the best content as well as it has better channels. Furthermore, it has a large catalog of movie series or video content by the iTunes store. For now, it is only limited to Sony. Apple TV help can soon make the way to Android TV by Sony. There is a possibility that the eventual listing of Apple TV is available on the Google Play Store. It provides access to all Android users to catch the Apple premium content.

What is included in Apple TV plus?

Apple TV plus is an apple premium subscription service that takes you to Netflix or Amazon Prime video and others. The service is completely ad-free, and it has several features. It takes several original shows and movies, which is made under the Apple original program and has a licensed library of content. The Apple TV plus is a setup in the streaming box, and it stands for a service that provides access to subscribe to streaming Services within one app. It’s an ideal way to bring all of the streaming services in one place. Rather than manage multiple accounts and passwords, you can get everything in one place.

We know it’s very troublesome for you to keep several services and products, but you can get everything easily under Apple TV. It’s worth it when Apple TV has launched for Android TV also. Apple TV plus has a huge catalog of content. It has attracted many subscribers frequently with exclusive series and shows.

Is Apple TV plus worth for Android?

Apple TV plus is worth will be based on how much you value original content. It’s not the place for people who want to watch the minute catalog of repeated content. Apple TV plus has featured original content that can be worth the subscription fee for TV enthusiasts. In the streaming world, as compared to others come, Apple TV offers the best shows. Here you can watch the favorite fan benchmarks. Apple TV plus is now the only service focused on the original content. Moreover, Apple has reported a budget of 6 billion to attract the Talent to the platform.

Besides, Apple TV plus have a family sharing plan that allows up to 6 family members to use the account. Apple has made it better with their login, so you do not need to share the passwords with anyone. One more thing to consider is that you already join the Apple ecosystem. You might be getting the year of services for free.

Google might have launched Google TV the previous month, but Apple TV has been around before. The problem is that Apple TV plus app is not available for Android devices. When you select a Sony ATV models, it receives an update to install the Apple TV app. It includes Apple TV +, Apple TV channels, and new popular movies.

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Noticeably, the app will not be available by the Play Store, but it can provide the full system update. It seems that Apple TV plus will be available for Android in the future at some point. Still, the app will not be moved to the play store for the updates, but there is no official confirmation. So, it’s very unclear that Apple TV will be available for other Android users except Sony or not.